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Everyone Loves The Famous Phoebe of Long Island

Alice Wexler

Love this heart-warming story of Phoebe, the rescue dog, and her boating adventures with her family on Long Island. Beautifully written and illustrated this book is sure to be a favorite for children. They will definitely enjoy curious, lovable Phoebe and the animals she encounters in her travels. Looking forward to reading it to my grandson!

Debby Zinn Alagna

I received this wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated book today. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the book and can’t wait to share it with the children in my family. Such a charming, touching story told through the eyes of a very special furry friend. Just loved it…

Cindy Stanco Auerbach

I bought six copies of this book, five to give as gifts and one for me. I just got done reading it and what a fabulous, fun story it was to read. The words and the illustrations went together so well. I’m sure it’s a book that every child will enjoy reading or having read to them. It will make a great baby shower gift or a gift when the baby is born. I’m giving one of them as a get well gift to a 2 year old. However you choose to gift it, I’m sure it will be happily received at any age. Bravo!


Mikayla, Age 9

My favorite part was when Phoebe chased the seagull because she wanted to have dinner with it.

Nico, Age 3

I like when Phoebe met the snake in the Sunken Forest because  I like the snake!

Arielle, Age 11

My favorite part of the book is when Phoebe meets the deer with the big, beautiful brown eyes.


Carole Klement Huxel

I was lucky enough to purchase an early copy of The Famous Phoebe of Long Island and was eager to share with my grandchildren. Being from Long Island myself I was glad to be able to talk a little with them about some of my own adventures on the NY beaches. The first paragraph set the tone immediately by identifying Phoebe as the narrator and quickly letting us know that she’s a rescue dog. Giving a voice to Phoebe rather than the adults made it easy for my audience to put themselves into the story. While the vocabulary was sometimes a bit beyond their first grade reading level, the context left it easy for them to define the words for themselves. What I noticed most was that the very young Phoebe was experiencing Fire Island much as an young child would, in the company of attentive adults open to nature and exploring. And of course Phoebe has no phone or technology, leaving her fully in the present to see the wonders of the forest, the dunes and the beach. Leading Phoebe to social interactions with new dogs and immediately creating friendships was also something my covid-scarred audience had not yet experienced for themselves so that might have been more relevant for them. However, children in that first grade age bracket often don’t have many opportunities to meet people outside their parents’ social circle so I thought that was an important addition to the story. I particularly loved the illustrations. The watercolor was very bright and colorful with high definition for young children, but also leaning into realism with enough going on to satisfy adults. I think The Famous Phoebe of Long Island could easily become a series, which would be terrific for children to look forward to every vacation season.

Lucille Pagano

As an animal lover, I loved reading all about Phoebe joining her new family and her adventures with them. I have three active grandsons and it’s hard to get them all to sit at one time! I told them I had a new book for them and they sat and actually listened to the whole story. My youngest grandson was mesmerized by the pictures of Phoebe and all the other animals in the book. And my oldest grandson loved that the book took place on Long Island, where he lives! I would highly recommend this book for anyone with children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. It’s a beautiful story and beautifully illustrated.

Josette Ramirez

What a great story about child(pup)hood. Sweet memories of the adventures we share with our family, the wonderful friends we met along the way, great times that will stay with us forever. The show of love this couple has for the new addition to their family is beautiful, and you can just see how safe the pup feels with his new mom and dad. The innocence of the pup when he learns a lesson of not wandering too far away. There is pure/innocent happiness in this book, and it sure bought a smile to my face. A book your child, and yourself, will want to read over and over.

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