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Meet Colin

Meet Colin, Phoebe’s Favorite Fur-Brother.

I’ve previously introduced you to Dibbs and Princess, two of Phoebe’s cat-siblings. Well, there was one more member of this crazy family.

A woman I worked with volunteered with an organization that helped with the feline problem on Long Island. In fact, we had two cats outside the doors of our office that we fed and cared for, but that’s another story. Debbie was helping a cat that was born with a congenital hip disease. The poor thing couldn’t walk. He was named Colin after the little boy in the children’s story, The Secret Garden.

Colin needed surgery, and Debbie was collecting donations to cover the cost. When she showed me the brochure for Colin, I couldn’t believe how much he looked like our Baby Jocko. Of course, I donated. Of course, Frank and I offered to foster him during his recovery. Of course, we kept him. Colin became Cat #3.

He had such a fun personality. Curious and playful, he liked hanging out with Phoebe. And Phoebe couldn’t believe this cat was a real friend. Dibbs tolerated Phoebe and Princess wouldn’t go near her. So, Colin was her real buddy around the house.

Frank’s pet name (pun?) for Colin was Knucklehead. He was a goofy cat. Because of his hip problem, his tail stood straight up and curled at the top. We called it his question-mark tail. When he walked by a coffee table, all you saw moving along was a furry periscope.

Take a look at Phoebe’s face in this picture. It’s hysterical because she was so serious and sat like a statue so Colin wouldn’t leave her side. We taught Phoebe the command “Gentle,” which we used when there was a cat around – either in the house or in the neighborhood. When we said Gentle, she plopped down on all fours. Phoebe was a lot of great things, but she wasn’t what you’d call gentle!

Isn’t it wonderful how each pet has such a unique personality? Feel free to share your pet quirks in the comments!

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