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Such a Smart Puppy

When we first got Phoebe, we knew how important it was to have her well trained. She would be in contact with so many different dogs (and other animals) at our boating destinations, so we had to be certain that she’d behave. Frank purchased a training book, and you can see that our intelligent girl started reading it right away.

It must have been pretty boring, because before long Phoebe thought the book would make a great snack! No, Phoebe...bad girl! Don't eat the training book!

We agreed it was necessary to take her to doggie school. Puppy kindergarten was the perfect solution! She enjoyed it so much, we took her to a few additional classes, and in our opinion, she graduated as valedictorian! Here she is with her class on graduation day.

Yes, these pictures were from the days before mobile phones. Again, the picture is a little dark, but that’s Phoebe on the front left. And no! that's not a dunce cap on her head. It's her classmate's cone.

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